Putting Clutch Nails to the Test

Do the nails live up to their claims?

Jade M.
3 min readMar 3


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I used to love getting my nails done until I saw a news story about a woman who lost one of her fingers after her nails got infected. I still like my nails to look presentable, but regular nail polish chips within the first three days it’s applied. I’ve tried press on nails, but I’ve had similar luck with them. During my first week after applying them, I lose a lot of my nails.

When I worked at Ulta, I was intrigued by Dashing Diva nail strips. Dashing Diva had trendy designs and claimed to stay on for up to two weeks. I bought a pair but put off wearing them because I was intimidated by them. What if I wasted one of the nail strips? What if they looked funny when I finally wore them? What if I applied them wrong?

I watched a video of someone putting them on. They looked easy, so I finally dared to try them. Once I had them on, I couldn’t stop looking at my nails and smiling. I had achieved a nail look I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. It gave my hands some character. I was also pleasantly surprised at how long they lasted.

I love Dashing Diva, and they have so many designs that I knew I’d never get bored with them, but I found that sometimes I wanted to add some length to my nails. While Dashing Diva had a ton of press-on nails online, I had trouble finding their press-on nails in the store.

Sometimes I get gratis or freebies from work, and one of these freebies was a pair of press-on nails from the brand Clutch Nails. They claimed they could stay on for up to two weeks. I had used press-on nails before, but never anything that was reusable or meant to last more than a few days. I doubted these nails would differ from the ones I’d already tried.

I have a job that’s rough on my hands and nails. I’m constantly unloading shipments where I open products, so I expected my nails to pop off within the first hour. I was pleasantly surprised that they stayed on, and they didn’t bend like the other press-on nails I’d tried before. When one fell off, I assumed it was because I hadn’t added enough glue to that nail. When I reapplied, I used more glue, and it stayed on.

When I explored the Clutch Nails website, I was pleased with the different nail shapes…



Jade M.

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