To be honest, there's nothing wrong with the way Alloy looks in the game, but when I saw the meme I thought that maybe she was supposed to be ugly. I related more to the 'dolled up' picture than the unflattering one they used to represent her.

However, Abby is the reason I didn't play either of The Last of Us games. I wanted to play the first one and figured that I would when there was a sale. The Last of Us 2 was announced and promptly spoiled. I knew that Abby was based on a real woman, and I had no issue with that. I also knew that I wouldn't be able to relate to her because she looked nothing like me. What I did have an issue with was the fact that they'd dumbed down other characters, Joel in particular, to allow her to murder him. I no longer wanted to play a game only to grow attached to a character that I was supposed to care about and have to murder in the next game.