After all, many video games tell truly fantastic stories

Do the changes weaken her character?

We Need To Talk About Princess Peach

Photo Credit: Nintendo

Dear Nintendo,

How We Used To Sell Our Writing Before The Rise Of The Internet

Photo Credit: Author Jade M.

A woman can be both beautiful and strong, so why can’t a gaming icon?

Hint: It’s Because Someone Disrespected Me

Credit: Andrew Neel

“Thank you for submitting this to us, Leah, but at the time we’re going to have to pass.”

The Outfits I Never Got To Wear

Photo Credit: Rosana Solis

Should We Ask For Them?

Photo Credit: RODNAE Productions Pexel

I Wish The Title Was Clickbait

Photo Credit: Prateek Katyal

The Complex Story of How I View My Body

Photo Credit Pixabay

Jade M.

Jade is an indie author from Louisiana. She prefers to write about life, video games, books, and writing.

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