We’re expected to view Howard as a bad father, but I had a different perspective on the movie as an adult.

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I was in elementary school when I saw Jingle All the Way for the first time. The teacher used to bring in movies for us to watch, and since it was around Christmas time, she’d decided on this one. I remember watching it and thinking that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, Howard…

The horror collab most people haven’t heard of

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When I was around nineteen, I was obsessed with Final Destination. I thought the idea of death being a villain was brilliant. Admittedly, the Final Destination sequels weren’t as story-driven as the original, but they each added something new and creative to the franchise.

When Final Destination 3 was released…

Jade M.

Jade is a Louisiana based author who loves video games and usually writes about experiences she has. https://linktr.ee/jmcculloch120

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