Do the changes weaken her character?

Recently I wrote an article about Street Fighter’s Chun Li and how she gets criticized for being oversexualized. While I don’t find Chun Li to be sexualized, there is another character in fighting games that has been sexualized for nearly her entire existence. …

After all, many video games tell truly fantastic stories

I can count the number of ‘good’ video game movies on one hand, but why is that? There are dozens of video games with rich backstories and interesting characters, so the backbone of a great story is already there. So why are these stories largely ignored?

I had hoped to never see him again

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

I was putting something into my shopping cart when I noticed someone standing close to me. He aggressively pointed the toilet paper he was holding directly at my face. I glanced up to see a man I had hoped to never see again. …

Gamers are often stereotyped as lazy and violent.

Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels

One of the first video games I remember playing was the original Super Mario Bros. I never got further than the first few levels, but I still enjoyed the hours I spent trying to rescue the princess (who was always in another castle). …

How Hurricane Ida Affected Me

Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

On August 29th, 2021, the wind whistled as the storm rattled my windows. It was a terrifying sound; one I hope never to hear again. The rain came down in thick sheets, pounding on the roof and walls that surrounded me. The power had gone out earlier that day, so…

The cost of not being cautious enough could be our life

Photo by Max Flinterman from Pexels

From a young age, I’d been taught to be wary of my surroundings and the strangers that sometimes occupied them. I was told to not trust anyone and to avoid speaking to people I don’t know.

I was taught to ignore people to called out to me from their vehicles…

My Fear Grows With Each Weather Report

Photo by Aline Nadai from Pexels

When I was younger, I didn’t realize how serious hurricanes were. I used to look forward to the school closing, and I loved the sound of rain beating against the roof and the walls of my house. I’d usually spend those days watching cartoons, playing video games, or reading. Sometimes…

We Just Want Work/Life Balance and a Living Wage

Photo by Linda Eller-Shein from Pexels

Yesterday, I came across a video of two wealthy people discussing the less fortunate. The women stated that she thinks the unemployment should be cut and even mocked concepts like work/life balance and self-care. …

I Thought I Was Supposed To Be Miserable At Work

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

My father never got to retire, instead, he worked until he couldn’t anymore. I didn’t understand at the time, but this led me to develop a great sense of work ethic. I was the type of worker who didn’t call in, even when work was draining me mentally and physically.

The First Time I Disconnected As An Adult

Photo By Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I didn’t grow up with the internet, but I’ve had access to it for my entire adult life. My first experiences with the internet involved building websites using a site like GeoCities and looking up pictures of my favorite boy bands. …

Jade M.

Jade is a Louisiana based author who loves video games and usually writes about experiences she has. If you enjoy her writing, please follow her.

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