Do the changes weaken her character?

After all, many video games tell truly fantastic stories

And what it taught me about books written for aspiring authors

Photo Courtesy Of Anna Tarazevich

Younger me didn’t see a problem with that fact

Photo Courtesy Of Reddit

He Compared it to Popular Horror Movies, but it was Much Worse

Photo Courtesy of Lennart Wittstock

And The Book That Rekindled that Love

Photo by Rahul Shah from Pexels

How did the new movie compare to the 1995 one?


The Most Embarrassing Story I’ve Ever Dared to Share

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“You pee on yourself too!” he yelled at me. His hands were balled into fists at his sides and his face was twisted into an expression of pure anger. I’d seen this familiar stance too many times, so I knew to brace myself for our next argument.

“No, I don’t. Most people don’t,” I replied, calmly.

You Didn’t Know Me, But You Thought it Was Okay to End My Career

Photo Credit: Anna Shvets

The perils of being in a Facebook writing group

Photo Credit: cottonbro

Jade M.

Jade is an indie author from Louisiana. She prefers to write about life, video games, books, and writing.

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